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The Sherpas that I know

After a whole month's lecture tour in 8 cities of China, finally, I am back to my sweet office. Even my handsome boss is sitting in front of me, but my body is still like flying in 30000 feet high sky and my mind is thinking of all about Sherps' smile and laughters. They teased me, and joked me a lot during the trip, but caring is way more than that. And Maizi, she is a boss, but sometime she took good care of us like an assistant or a mother.


This was  a rare and good chance. For me, I have no outdoor experience, I even didn't know they are 14-8000m peaks in the world, all I ever kown was Mt Everest, which is the highest one. And now, after the tour, I know all of the 14 peaks and their differences, I am proud of that. Thanks to my boss Mr. Peter Zhao for recommedning me this job and Maizi for all her trust and tutor, what's more, the Sherpas also encouraged me a lot. The way to the mountains just like the way in our life, which is a long long journey, you would not understand it if you didn't experience it. I am very lucky that I had the opportunity to learn the mountaineering knowledge and culture, and experience another life different from my office life, for that I am very grateful.


The first program-Shenzhen, 2016.12.03

Fisrt meeting, how do you do!


Shenzhen is the youngest and most vibrant city in China, the Shenzhen Speed is amazed by the world. Even our registration system posted very late, but the register number broke again and again. Almost 200 participants from China in the venue and they were interested in the lecture very much.




The second program- Guangzhou, 2016.12.04

The trip really begins!


Guangzhou is a hot city. We had summer's warmth even in winter times. After the speech in the Book Shopping center, we had another echo lecture at Sun Yat-sen University-First Affiliated Hospital. This was the most successful one. Thanks to Professor Wu did a good interpreting example for me. And among the 300 audiences, there were doctors, professors, and students.  Everybody liked the lecture and put up with many practical questions.




The third program-Beijing, 2016.12.10

A short visit in capital city


Beijing welcomed us with its blue sky! Upon our arrival in Beijing, the outdoor magazine invited a well known photographer and shoot photos for the Sherpas. For the first time in their life, they did make up [facepalm]. 

Well in the lecture, there were university students and senior mountaineers. Mr.Xia Boyu's sharing made the lecture way better. He shared from a clients view and added more about the mountaineering knowledge and culture and sherpas' service. In the venue, a blind person asked, "I can not see anything, can I clime Mt. Everest?" Mingma answered, "Yes, sure. In 2001, the first blind person summitted Mt. Everest, so I think you can also make it. Actually, it doesn't matter whehter you do not have arms or legs or blind, it's all about your mind, if you are determined to do it, then you can make it!"



The forth program- Shanghai, 2016.12.11

The economy center in the east


Shanghai is a beautiful seashore city. Only in Shanghai the lecture divided into two sectors, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. All the participants participated in the morning showed up on time in the afternoon, which gave us a glimpse of their passion for mountaineering.  

In Shanghai, we had a local guide which showed us the history and exquisite architecture. We enjoyed a lot, especially in the Bar [chuckle].



The fifth program-Xi'an, 2016.12.17

How I wish I had a time machine!


When the aircraft flew over the sky of Xi'an city, I already saw many relics unearth marks. I have long heard about the city, it was capital cities of 16 differest ancient dynasties in China history. The ancient city wall seems like telling the splendid history of the city. Here, we visited the Terro-Cotta Warrior, which was built 2000 years age, and we visited the greater wild goose pagoda from Tang dynasty, also we saw the mountains where the beautiful love story took place. I though the Sherpas were not interested in those items, later, I found they took many photos and carefully studied the history. How I wish I had a time machine, so I could have a look at the past times!

During the program, the mountaineers in Xi'an also shared their experienc and stories, and most of the participants are very young, we hope that they will love climbing more and more in the future.




The sixth program-Urumqi, 2016.12.18

Where the dreams begin!


Xinjiang province has the biggest land area in China, the most beautiful snow mountains, and the greatest folk mountaineers! The lecture in Urumqi, Xinjiang is like a homebound returning but also a new beginning, which has the deepest connection between the Chinese mountianeers and Nepal mountianeers. The second day, we had an echo lecture at a Chinese culture school. The sherpas has planted a seed in every student's heart that no matter what are you gonna do in the future, be brave and active, then you will summit the high peaks in your life!



The seventh program--Chengdu, 2016.12.24

Land of Abundance


Chengdu, literally meaning is "a city of success". It has a long reputation for its history and abudant mountian resources. Chengdu is a melting pot in westsouth of China, you can see many minorities on the street and you can buy lots of traditional clothes here. The poetic genius Li Bai wrote a lot of poems about the mountains here and this place has raised a lot mountain guide and mountaineers. While in the lecture, the participants put up with many hash question which is very meaningful and worth to ponder on.



The eighth program-Kunming, 2016.12.25

A spring city llike hometown


Tender is the city. Clean, breeze and blue sky. This is the last program in mainland China, after a month's lecture tour, we were all homesick.



【The Sherpas from the interpreter's eyes】

Mingma G Sherpa

Mingma is very cool, the first time I saw him, he seemed very serious and didn't smile. But as time goes by, I found that he is very cute and considerate like a brother.

Mingma has smartphone addiction in the cities, I oftern saw him clicking his smartphone on the street, in the airport, and at the dinning table, it seemed like he was glued on the cellphone [chuckle]. But I understand that he is the team leader and he has a lot of business to attend. 

And he likes dancing and drinking. I remembered that he drank 10 cups of Chinese spirit at one go. Now I understand why they say the people who are good at climbing also good at drinking.

Mingma's father passed away when he was very young, so he is very independent, he told me you have to master your own life, and don't take earning money as your life target, you need to do things/work that you like.


Nima Tenji Sherpa

Nima has two boys, the elder one is 15 years old now. I think he is the most mature one among three Sherpas, and he was watching over everything. For example, he would ask me every night what was our plan for the next day, what time for breakfast, what time for lecture etc. 

And I think he is a family-oriented guy, I saw him many times video chatting with his family, telling them about the programs in China and his location.

In this trip, a lot of things were not confrimed, so we need to pack at any time. I saw that Nima was always the first one ready for packing and leaving, always keeps the time. 


Phurba Tenjing Sherpa

Phurba is thin and small with long hair, many people said that he looks like a girl, but sometime I found that he was a real man.

I remember one day when we walked on the street, there was a man who was begging for money, Phurba turnd around and gave him 30 RMB. I have seen a lot of things like this, so I asked him what if he was lying to you? Phurba asked me,"Is he happy?" "Of course he is happy" "Then that's all matters, if he is happy, it will bring good luck to our team." what kind of logic is that, I still don't understand, but he convinced me.

Phurba is very simple and easy to get along. He is compassinate and willing to do all the hardwork. Every time when he meets some one, he will put a big smile on his face and close his hands, saying "Namaste!" 




The Sherpas are very open, when you are tired, they will give you a shoulder, whey you are thristy, they will give you water to drink; they have very free ideas, don't care too much about what other people's thinking, but always to be happy and make others happy; they are very content. Many Chinese are not satisfied with their eyes, nose, or face so they do plastic surgery, but the Sherpas always satisfied their own body, original is the best, free make up is the most handsome; they are always feel happy, always think positive!

I think they have faced many death in the mountains and they themselves also had many near-death experiences, so that's why they enjoy every moment, enjoy the present. Yesterday is good memory, tomorrow is a unknown gift, this moment is the real life, we shall seize the day, seize the moment!

Now, I have gone this far, I want to extend my thanks to all the supporting teams and person during the whole program and may all the climbers happy, healthy and safe forever!