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International Mountain Film Festival News

The Four Big Mountain Film Festivals in Asia

So far there are four countries have their own mountain film festival: Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea,and China. Of which Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival in Nepal (KIMFF) has a longest history, it began in 2000 and already had 13 editions. Nanshan International Mountain Film Festival (NIMFF), Ulju Mountain Film Festival (UMFF) and Pakistan International Film Festival share a common point, which is theyare all began in 2015. Nepal, Pakistan and China all locate at the foot of Himalaya Mountain, and good neighbors to each other. Pakistan is especially a good friend to China, as the saying goes: Tight friendship goes between China and Pakistan. When the PIMFF 2016 was going to held, they sent us an invitation. But due to the Lahore car explosion accident, PIMFF was postponed. And we are here wishing the people in Pakistan safe and sound, lucky and healthy all year around, and wishing PIMFF 2016 will be held successfully.