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Himalaya Cinema | Paths of the Soul

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1、Sacred Mountain: Kailash


Mount Kailash (also Mount Kailas; Kangrinboqe or Gang Rinpoche (Tibet: གངས་རིན་པོ་ཆེ; Chinese:冈仁波齐峰) is a peak in the Kailash Range(Gangdise Mountains), which forms part of the Transhimalaya in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China.

Mt. Kailash lies near the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia: the Indus River, Sutlej River, Brahmaputra River, and Karnali River(a tributary of the Ganges River). It is considered a sacred place in four religions: Bon, Buddism, Hinduism and Jainism.The mountain lies near Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal.


  • “In 1991, I traveled mountain Kailash, it was very important to me, just like opened the door the another world. I saw not only beautiful sceneries but also different people with a totally different life. These exotic things enchanted and shocked me. I spent 3 months alone there, but being alone made me feel the freedom and sobriety I never had before. And this experience changed my whole life since then. It made me feel wild and lose patience in city, the magic land had always called on me." --From film director Mr. Zhangyang's notebook.




2、The film: Paths of the Soul

Paths of the Soul(Chinese name is Mount Kailash) has no scripet, it's an idea that I had for more that decade. At last, we confirmed the shooting plan: that is spending a year in mountain Kailash and follow the real pilgrims and tell their stories. The film crew should also treat themselves like sadhu, living with the pilgrims. I think from their life, there must be tocuhing stories to be discovered." Zhangyang Said.


3、11 Pilgrims and 1 infant born on the road


The actors are all averge people, it includes a elder person over 70 years old, he/she might die on the path; a pregnant women, her baby would delivery on the path; and a butcher, he wants to redeem himself through pilgrimage; a child at 7 or 8 and his/her parent(s); a teenager, he maybe at danger or a shy boy; and also we need a 50 ish adulter, to steel the whole team.




△Circumambulating Mount Kailash Route



From so called auditon in Nov. 2013 to Nov. 2014, 24 whole months, at the altitude of 2000-6656 meters, with a whole distance of 2500 km, finally the film completed. 





The 11 pilgrims venture a much more demanding regimen, performing body-length prostrations over the entire length of the circumambulation: The pilgrim bends down, kneels, prostrates full-length, makes a mark with his fingers, rises to his knees, prays, and then crawls forward on hands and knees to the mark made by his/her fingers before repeating the process. 




5、About Director Zhang Yang


Graduated from Central Drama Academy in Peking, major in directoring, now he is a well-known director and producer in China. And also he has a true devotion to art.




  • Spicy Love Soup in 1998,got the best director at the fifth Student Film Festival, and the Chinese film golden rooster awards for best debut.

  • Shower in 1999, got Spain's SAN Sebastian film festival best director silver shell award.

  • Yesterday in 2001, golden feather award at Bangkok International Film Festival.

  • Sunflowers in 2005,got Spain's SAN Sebastian film festival best director awards.

  • Release Driverless at 2010.

  • Full Circle in 2012, the movie won biggest fans awards at 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, Qatar. 



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